10 very interesting things about health, women and sport


Sport is one of the pillars of a healthy life and as women, we can benefit from all its advantages from childhood to menopause. 

1. Better physical performance
Sports performance is a fundamental factor so that we can make the most of the benefits of sports and set realistic goals in training. However, performance will depend on many factors: our general health, if we are overweight, injured, or ill, and where, how, and when we do sports… Therefore, before launching into any sporting activity, and especially if you have been anchored in the sofa, you must visit a sports medicine specialist to assess your state of health, estimate your sports performance and recommend the sport that best suits your needs, as well as its intensity and duration. In addition to doing a physical examination, he or she will do a stress test,

2. Live longer and better
Exercise prevents and delays the onset of many diseases, such as Alzheimer’s and other dementias. In addition, numerous studies have shown that it improves concentration and memory since exercise can modulate brain tissue and increase nerve cells in areas of the brain that are related to learning and retention capacity.



3. Greater self-esteem and psychological balance
During physical exercise, the production of endorphins increases, which provides us with a pleasant sensation of well-being. Therefore, it also increases our self-esteem and the concept we have of ourselves. In addition, sport acts as a protective factor against psychological disorders such as depression, anxiety, or psychosomatic diseases. Epidemiological studies have shown that the more exercise you do, the lower your risk of depression. So, if you’ve noticed any warning signs, get going and let exercise help you overcome your emotional and psychological discomfort. 

4. Healthy heart
The bond between sport and heart is so strong that one cannot live without the other. To be physically active you need to have a strong heart, and to have a strong heart it is essential to exercise regularly. And is that aerobic exercise helps prevent high blood pressure, heart failure, and the development of other cardiovascular diseases. 

5. Weight control and stronger bones 
Physical exercise helps you fight obesity and maintain a proper weight. If you are already overweight, you have probably noticed that it is more difficult for you to move and that your joints suffer the consequences of excess kilos. Sports will help you alleviate this problem and will also reduce the risk of fractures, mainly vertebral and hip. 

6. Relief from menopause
If you are in menopause or postmenopausal period, this is the time when you can take advantage of the cardiovascular benefits of sport the most. The general recommendation is that you walk between 30-40 minutes every day. This activity will improve not only your general health but also your mood, it will help you control the usual weight gain after menopause and some of its annoying symptoms. 

7. Strengthens family ties
Many physical and psychological changes occur in childhood and adolescence, so it is very important to establish nutritional and sports habits that prevent children from becoming inactive adults. At these ages it is easy for sport to become a fun leisure activity, so do not stop sharing your love for physical activity with your children and plan family activities that serve as motivation and help strengthen family ties. 

8. Also during pregnancy
Physical exercise during pregnancy improves energy level, mood, and sleep. In addition, it increases cardiorespiratory function, muscle strength, and endurance, flexibility, agility, and coordination, among other things. The most recommended exercises during pregnancy are low-impact aerobics, such as walking, swimming, or dancing, as well as the exercise bike, Pilates, and some types of yoga adapted for pregnant women.

9. Protect the pelvic floor
Some high-impact sports, such as running, aerobics, weight lifting, or even traditional abdominal exercises, can weaken the pelvic floor, favoring disorders such as urinary incontinence. Remember that the pelvic floor is as important an area as any other when doing sports and that you must protect it with exercises that strengthen it, such as Kegels.

10. Sport has no age
Even starting to do physical activity when you are very old has been shown to have important benefits: it reduces the risk of functional limitations, disability, and dependency, as well as suffering from cognitive deterioration and some types of dementia. In addition, the combination of aerobic, strength, balance, and flexibility exercises delay bone and muscle aging. 

11. Prevents breast cancer
Several studies have shown that physical exercise is related to a lower risk of developing breast cancer. To achieve this preventive effect, you must exercise moderately or intensely and regularly. But in addition, exercise is also beneficial in women who have already been diagnosed. That is why many specialists prescribe it as one more part of the treatment. 

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