12 New Technologies That Will Change People's Lives In 2023

12 New Technologies That Will Change People’s Lives In 2023

It can be said that the year 2023 will be full of excitement for new technologies and technologies that will change human lives. The Wall Street Journal predicts that 12 new technologies will appear publicly next year, namely:

1- Cheap electric cars

By the end of 2022, US car buyers can get more than 100 different models, at more affordable prices than were available two years ago. Price will be the key to car adoption. Globally, the average price of electric vehicles will decline, with at least four more models arriving at less than $40,000.

2- Spreading sustainability solutions  

There will be more pro-climate tech in 2023. The tech sector has a larger carbon footprint than the airline industry, but tech companies are reversing it with sustainability efforts that include designing phones and computers from recycled materials and extending the life of electronics to cut waste.

3- Protecting children in social networks

The world has already concluded that social media apps, especially TikTok and Instagram, are not doing enough to protect younger users from seeing harmful content. In 2023, more efforts to protect children are expected by lawmakers and social media companies themselves. The US Congress is studying legislation that protects children’s online privacy and brings more transparency into the algorithms of social networks.

4- Electronic chips

The global lockdown has increased demand for microchip-enabled goods such as phones, cars, and computers to work and study from home. Although there are signs of declining demand for chips, there is no assurance that chip supply will fully meet demand, and some analysts say it may not happen until 2024.

5- The spread of home robots  

It won’t come in 2023 the whole useful home robot that takes care of the kids and washes the dishes, but home robots that can do more than expected will be there. Including Amazon’s home robot, it has sensors to walk around your house, perform music-playing tasks, and use its cameras to monitor the house when its owners are away.

6- Virtual reality

Virtual reality will bring great technological advancement and better experiences to augmented reality as well. Meta – formerly Facebook – plans to release a more advanced and less expensive headset that will make new sensors and improved optics more user-like. The device will be able to show real physical space to build a “Metaverse”, a virtual world where work, shopping, and entertainment can be done.

7- Health sensors  

Health sensors are starting to take off, as device makers are looking at more ways to simplify the biometric tracking process than on the wrist. The next health device may be earphones. Apple is studying the possibilities of producing “AirPods” headphones to read body temperature, monitor health status, and even help detect depression.

8- Very bright screens

The display industry has seen one of the biggest evolutionary leaps in display technology in recent years. Laptops with bright OLED screens are starting to appear in 2022, and more models will arrive in 2023. The same is true for tablets and TVs.

9- Login without a password

Passwords are a mess. It can be guessed or stolen. Therefore, to prevent hacks, password programs can be used that create a unique entry for each service by sending an email link or code to your phone number. The use of a security key, facial recognition, fingerprint, or voice-based passwords is being promoted.

10- Increase the speed of the Internet  

US carriers are shifting their aging 3G cellular networks to make room for ultra-fast 5G. Telecom companies also have plans to expand their networks in the coming year to provide home internet service and increase internet speed at home and on the go.

new technologies

11- Buying cryptocurrencies  

In 2023, you may get tools to buy, sell, and send digital money that appears in apps, services, and games. as well as making it easier to buy cryptocurrencies and send them to others and giving any user the ability to buy bitcoins using a debit card. More markets will also start accepting cryptocurrencies.

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12- Drones

There is a possibility that a drone will deliver orders for the first time this year. Flytrex, an Israeli company that operates in North Carolina, has received approval from the US Federal Aviation Administration to make aircraft deliveries, allowing it to fly goods from a variety of retailers.

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