December 2022

The 10 most spectacular airports in the world

Large, remote, dangerous or extravagant we have found the ten most unusual airports in the world and put them together exclusively for you. Arrival, departure, stopover: Those who travel by plane often spend hours at airports. But not every airport is the same, some are real attractions. Here you will find the ten most unusual airports in … Read more

Underdogs – 9 underrated cities in Europe

Paris, Rome, Barcelona, ​​Vienna? Beautiful cities, of course, but no longer insider tips and accordingly overcrowded. If you want to explore lesser-known corners of Europe, then you’ve come to the right place! Voilà – here they are, our travel bloggers’ tips for city trips in Europe. Many of you probably feel the same way as we do: In … Read more

7 particularly unusual holiday ideas

The next vacation is coming up. But what to do? Our suggestion: something completely different. You don’t want a monotony, but a holiday where you really step out of line? Then give yourself our seven suggestions for extraordinary holiday ideas! Riding safari: The luck of the earth Okay, you probably won’t encounter a herd of elephants on this trip. But … Read more

Travel trends 2023

Travel trend 2023: Our top 11 insider travel tips

As soon as the year comes to an end, the travel trend 2023 rises again: the desire to travel. We have selected the hottest destinations for 2023 for you – some far away, others just around the corner. The best time to plan your next holiday is actually – always! Take a little time, make yourself comfortable with your favorite playlist and be inspired by our insider tips ! Here they are – our hottest travel … Read more