A Man killed By   Memphis Shooting   police in a library.

memphis shooting

A man was killed in a Memphis shooting library.  According to the ministry, the police officer was taken to the hospital in a “very serious” condition. After the death of Tire Nichols, the   Memphis shooting   Police Department underwent a thorough investigation.   Police at the scene of a   Memphis shooting library.   credit…   Daily Memphian, via Associated Press, Patrick Lantrip.


A  Memphis shooting lice officer shot and killed a man in a public library Thursday afternoon after the man earlier shot and seriously injured another officer, authorities said. According to the Memphis Shooting Police Department, the person who was shot was pronounced dead at the scene.

The officer was taken to the hospital in a “very serious” condition, according to police. Around noon,   Memphis shooting police responded to a report of a man entering a store near the Poplar library, according to Keli McAlister, a spokeswoman for the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, which was called to investigate the shooting.

 According to Ms. McAlister,

about 30 minutes later,  the same man got into an argument with another person in the library. When the  Memphis shooting police tried to speak to him, he pulled out a gun and shot an officer dead. He claimed the man was then killed by a second police officer.To rence Jackson Jr., 28, of Indianapolis, who was killed by police and identified by the bureau as the man they killed, were all black men, according to Ms. McAlister.

memphis shooting

 A regular visitor to the Poplar-White Station library, Brad Winchester, 59, reported that there were only five other customers and library staff when he arrived just after noon.  m.Winchester said as soon as he entered, he saw two police officers questioning a stranger near the library’s computer bank.  Mr. Winchester remarked: “I have come to the place where I read my books. I was only two pages out of the book when filming began. 

A  customer was taken behind a shelf to protect her from a firefight after claiming to have heard multiple bullets. Looking up, he saw an injured police officer lying on the ground and another police officer trying to help him.  Said, “The policeman was lying on his stomach.” The other policeman tried to help. The blood was visible.  Editor’s choice  He said as he crossed the library car park after being questioned by the police: “It was very scary.

Steven J. Mulroy

The district attorney for the area asked the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation to open an investigation into the incident. Five  Memphis shooting police officers have been charged with second-degree murder in connection with the death of Mr. Nichols and Mr. Mulroy’s office is overseeing their prosecution. Video footage showed police officers punching and kicking Mr. Nichols and hitting him with a rubber baton.

In the upscale East   Memphis shooting next to a Whole Foods supermarket and restaurant, is the library where Thursday night was filmed. The Clark Tower, a 34-story office tower, is directly behind the library.

A recent snowstorm took Robbie King’s internet down, so on Thursday, she went to the library to finish her work. She stated that as soon as she entered the study near the library entrance, she heard five shots. Instead of turning off the light to avoid drawing attention to herself, she retreated to a corner of the room.

When she turned to look outside, she saw a man cornered by a police officer. “I told you to stop moving,” the officer yelled as he put his foot on the man’s back. If you move, I’ll leave you again.”King reflects after leaving the house, still reeling from the ordeal.

Claimed the man

claimed the man was lying in front of the library’s metal detectors. He took a moment to look around before cautiously exiting the library.

The assassination of Mr. Nichols, the public broadcast of the attack tapes, and now the public library tragedy, according to Mr.King, has had a rough few weeks at church. He resisted telling people he was coming from   Memphis shooting for a weekend in Texas.

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remarked, “It’s really awful that the Memphis shooting   has gotten so much negative publicity.” It’s pretty depressing. Although there is still a long way to go, we will eventually recover.

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