An overview of the  top ten  revenue generating countries

The wealth of the countries is unequally distributed. But which country has the highest gross domestic product per inhabitant? An overview of the ten richest countries in the world.

The UN officially recognizes 193 countries and states. But which country is the wealthiest on earth? Various criteria – such as wealth per inhabitant or the country’s gross domestic product ( GDP ) – can be used to select the richest country in the world .

The ranking is determined on the gross domestic output per capita in 2021. The manufactured goods are determined using the total population of the nation along with the GDP per capita. As a result, the figure serves as a gauge of an economy’s performance.

The information was released in April 2022 and relates to the year 2021. The numbers now reveal the effects of the Corona accident, which makes this data intriguing. But which country is currently the richest country on earth?


With a GDP of $63,529, Australia just barely makes it into the top ten richest countries in the world.

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With a gross domestic product of USD 67,758 per capita, Denmark ranks 9th among the richest countries.

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With a GDP of 68,581 US dollars per inhabitant, the desert state occupies eighth place in the ranking.

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Iceland ranks 7th with a per capita GDP of $69,033.

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The US is the sixth richest country in the world with a GDP per capita of US$69,231.

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Of course, the land of unlimited opportunities should not be missing from this ranking. If one only looked at the gross domestic product of the respective country – and not calculated it per capita – the  USA would be  by far the richest country in the world. Since this is not the case in this ranking, the USA with a GDP of 69,231 dollars  per capita is only enough for sixth place. The country is also home to the majority of the ten richest people in the world .


The global financial center Singapore ranks 5th in the ranking of the richest countries. Its GDP is $72,795.


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The state of Singapore ranks fifth . The 5.7 million inhabitants achieved a GDP per capita of almost 72,795 dollars in 2021 . This year Singapore is gonna be lrave the USA behind.

4th place – Norway


The Scandinavian country of Norway ranks fourth with a gross domestic product of US$89,090.


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Norway has almost made it onto the podium of the richest countries in the world  . Statistically speaking, there is around 89,090 dollars for every inhabitant.

3rd place – Switzerland


With a GDP of USD 93,720 per capita, Switzerland is the third richest country in the world.


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 This is on the third number in the list of richest country in the world  due to mountains and banks. With a  per capita GDP of just under $93,720, Switzerland is behind Ireland and thus occupies third place in the ranking.

2nd place – Ireland



Ireland occupies second place in the ranking with a GDP of USD 99,013 per inhabitant.


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Ireland is considered a tax haven and helps large corporations like Apple and Facebook to reduce tax spending. This has already been criticized by the EU. But it also brings a lot of money to the state. With a GDP per capita of $99,013  , the small country is almost the richest in the world.



1st place – Luxembourg


With a gross domestic product of $136,701 per capita, Luxembourg is the richest country in the world.

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The richest country in the world is Luxembourg .  the smallest country in the Europe has a gross domestic  product of 136,701 dollars per  person. The gap to the second-placed Irish is therefore enormous, as it is more than 35,000 dollars per capita.

For comparison: The gross domestic product per capita in the Federal Republic of Germany in 2021 was the equivalent of 50,795 dollars . This makes it the 20th richest country in the world.








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