Here’s are the 21 tips for safetravel in your vacation. you can get a lot of help through reading them.

 1. Your life is more important than your valuables!

With all of the safety tips in this article, please keep in mind that it’s not worth playing the hero in an emergency. If your life is threatened, try to remain calm and hand over your valuables.

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2. Read the travel warnings from the Federal Foreign Office!

The website of the Federal Foreign Office lists all countries for which there are currently travel warnings or partial travel warnings. In addition, risks from the recent past are listed for each country and areas that are better avoided within a country are named.

3. Find out more from travel guides, travel websites and friends to safetravel!

Every country is different. Viewing the experiences that other Germans have had in our nation is frequently very helpful. On their travel sites, a lot of long-term travellers discuss their experiences. Perhaps you also have friends who have already been to your holiday country? Then get the information first hand.

4. Talk to the local people!

Whether it’s the receptionist in the hotel or the landlord of your holiday apartment: the local people have the best insight into the current security situation and can give you tips on which districts or areas are better not to visit and which are particularly safe.


Description: The receptionist in a hotel is often a good point of contact for security issuesThe receptionist in a hotel is often a good point of contact for security issues. Photo: Getty Images Photo: Getty Images

 5. Choose vacation spots that suit your security needs!

When planning, consider your personal need for security. For example, if you are a woman traveling alone for the first time and you are a more cautious type, you should choose a travel destination where the safety risks are as low as possible.

6. Don’t go into unsafe neighborhoods – especially at night!

Once you’ve done your research, you’ll know which neighborhoods are better to avoid. Some neighborhoods that bustle during the day change as soon as the sun goes down.

 This is not how you should stroll through the downtowns of many large US cities at night. Also in many big cities in South America or Africa you should know beforehand where you want to go at night and how to get there safely.

7. Accompanied travel increases your safety!

Even if you are traveling alone, it is worth doing certain excursions with companions or in a group. Hostels are a good place to socialize here. Many tour operators also offer group tours. The likelihood of being mugged tends to decrease the larger the travel group.


8. Only visit unsafe tourist spots with a guide!

It is entirely possible to visit sights in less safe areas, but this should only be done with a qualified tourist guide.

9. Celebrate in moderation !

Drunks are grateful victims for con artists. So don’t overdo it. At least one member of your group should stay sober and on top of things.

10. Be confident !

Tricksters are a bit like dogs: they smell fear. So if you accidentally find yourself in the wrong place at the wrong time, stay calm and confident and move back to a safe area. And if things get tricky: Be sure to follow tip 1!

11. Don’t be too polite!

Even if we were brought up to be as nice as possible, a clear “No, thank you” at the right moment can prevent unpleasant situations. Travel blogger Ute Kranz recommends in an article on her blog “Bravebird” : “In South America, Africa and various Asian countries, locals have neither distance zones nor fear of contact. 

Due to a lack of experience, we usually don’t know exactly how to deal with it.” Ute advises setting clear boundaries if a stranger is too intrusive.

12. If you are a woman traveling alone, wear a wedding ring for safetravel!

In some countries it can be helpful to travel with a wedding ring even if you are not married. In this way you minimize the number of unwanted advance attempts.

13. Only take what you need.

Before you travel, check what you really need. As banal as it sounds, what you don’t have with you can’t be stolen from you either.

14. Leave your valuables in the hotel safe.

You don’t necessarily have to take jewelery and expensive watches with you to the beach for safetravel. Your most important documents are also better kept in a safe most of the time.

 If you need to prove your age in bars and clubs, a copy of your passport will suffice in many countries. Find out more here in advance.

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15. Don’t leave your valuables in the car.

Pack them in the trunk or carry them with you. This also applies if you just want to take a quick snapshot of the beautiful panorama.

16. Keep your money in different places.

In addition to the purse, a suitcase or backpack can be used as a storage place. Travel blogger Carina Herrmann of Pink Compass hides some money in places “that don’t traditionally scream for safekeeping, like in a pair of (clean) socks in shoes. for safetravel”

17. Don’t carry your wallet in your back pocket!

Alternative storage places for cash, credit cards and papers are the good old neck pouch, a fanny pack or the money belt. Travel bloggers Tanja and Stephan Neu from the “Auszeitnomaden” advise the “robbery wallet”.

 For this you need “a disused wallet, with one or two expired EC or credit cards and some money”. The robbery purse then has to be “carried in your back pocket where it is easy and quickly accessible, so that you can hand it in as an alternative in the rush of the robbery” for safetravel.

18. Store important documents as digital copies in online storage!

It is advisable to save the most important documents (passport, insurance card, driver’s license) as a digital copy online. This makes it easier to apply for the replacement documents in the event of theft.

19. Only use safe taxis!

In some South American countries, you should avoid hailing taxis on the street if possible. It is better to order a taxi. In general, you should always discuss taxi prices in advance to avoid any nasty surprises at the end.

 If you have the opportunity, check in the taxi with your smartphone whether the route to the destination makes sense. A popular alternative to the taxi, especially in unsafe countries, is the use of Uber, since the prices are negotiated in advance and all drivers are listed centrally.

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20. Watch your drinks!

There are bars in Mexico City where you better make sure that the waiter actually opens a fresh bottle for you. You should also always keep an eye on your drink so that nobody can mix anything with you for safetravel. If you notice a strange taste in your drink, it is best to leave it and change the location.

21. Do you know the popular tricks used by con artists?

In every corner of the world there are other popular tricks. If a friendly local offers you a cheap sightseeing tour, you may find yourself in a jewelry store and not allowed to leave until you’ve done some expensive shopping there.

 If you get paint spilled on your shirt in Buenos Aires and a helpful person comes along to help you wipe it off, there’s a good chance they’re after your cash. Find out about the special stitches in your holiday country and be prepared!

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