Eleven kilometers of beach, great sights and excursion destinations, cheap accommodation and good restaurants – we always enjoy vacationing in Kołobrzeg, Poland. In this article you will find current Kolberg tips and experiences, because we were last there in September 2021. There are also some insider tips! We went on a relaxing vacation with our dog on the Polish Baltic Sea.

Kolberg Tips for the Polish Baltic SeaDescription: Kolberg vacation experiences tips beachKolobrzeg in West Pomerania with  around 47,000 inhabitants  is one of the most popular seaside resorts in Poland . Since the 19th century it has been known as a seaside resort as well as a moor and brine bath.

Description: Beach of Kolberg when vacationing with your dogMy friend Carsten, who had been on holiday with his parents in Kolberg since he was a child, took me to the Polish Baltic Sea coast. I first came here with him about ten years ago. Our dog Buddy has been with us since June 2018, a Magyar Vizsla (Hungarian hunting dog).

We usually go on vacation in Kołobrzeg for one to two weeks . After all, traveling by car from NRW is said to be worthwhile! By the way, Carsten has also taken the long-distance bus before. We always envy the Berliners, because for them the place is only about 280 kilometers away.

Description: Lighthouse in Kołobrzeg PolandI associate Kolberg with the lighthouse at the port , beautiful beaches,  beach chairs, lots of nature and delicious food. 

For me, the stay is always pure relaxation: we sleep late, take a leisurely walk with Buddy on the beach or in the woods and try out all the cafés and restaurants.

By the way, the Kolberg holiday is relatively  cheap. I find the prices for hotels and holiday apartments in particular absolutely affordable.

And if you don’t stop at the restaurants and cafés right by the harbor every day, the prices are completely ok. You can eat cheaply in local restaurants.

I also tried the massages and wellness treatments several times, they cost significantly less than here in Germany.

Description: The most beautiful excursion destinations from Kołobrzeg Polish Baltic SeaWe also discovered some beautiful  destinations from Kołobrzeg , including the dream gardens of Hortulus Dobrzyca (see picture) and the Viking village of Wollin .

We have also seen the port city of Gdynia with its beautiful beaches and the enchanting Gdansk from there.

You can get first impressions of the Kolberg holiday with my YouTube video : The best time to travel to Kołobrzeg

 So far I have liked spring and autumn best in Kołobrzeg. Outside the high season it is not quite as crowded and the temperatures are still pleasant.

In summer  you have the best weather. However, there are always days when it is cloudy or raining.

By the way, the school holidays in Poland  last from the end of June to the end of August. Good to know, because the Baltic Sea resort is also popular with locals.

Book a hotel or holiday apartment in Kołobrzeg?

Description: Hotel tips for KołobrzegI always book our accommodation through I look at price, location, reviews and photos. If you go on holiday with your dog like we do, you can use the “Pets allowed” filter.

With a dog, a holiday apartment is perfect for us . So we have more space, can prepare food in the kitchen and eat in peace. Our usual holiday apartment is near the Kurhotel Etna. Between the hotel and the church you will find a parking lot where we parked our car. According to Carsten, it is a bit cheaper than the car park at the port. We’ve also been on the street for a while.

On I have selected  four accommodations with great reviews for you:

Apartment Solna 11 Kolobrzeg

We are always in this corner, not far from the port, beach and park for walking. The apartments are nicely furnished, they include a balcony, kitchen and washing machine. In the area you will find supermarkets, in the house itself a bar and a restaurant. Pets are allowed here, but it’s best to ask in advance to be sure. Learn more.

Apartments BalticON Polanki Park

From this apartment it is 600 meters to the beach. You can also use the swimming pool, sauna and gym. A bar and restaurant are also available. Parking is included. The apartments are modern and comfortably furnished. According to pets are allowed, it is best to check beforehand. 

Royal Tulip Sand Kolobrzeg

This chic 4 star hotel with its beautiful interior is located 300 meters from the beach. A swimming pool, a bar and a restaurant await you here. Learn more.

Marine Hotel by Zdrojowa

This very well rated hotel is booked frequently. No wonder: it is right on the beach and is beautifully furnished with designer furniture. The two restaurants offer international, Mediterranean and Asian dishes. The café is located on the top floor, from here you have a scenic view of the sunset. You can experience wellness with a massage, in the sauna, in the hammam or in the pool. learn more .

Which beach in Kołobrzeg is the most beautiful?

Description: Kolberg beach with promenadeThe Polish Baltic Sea has great beaches to offer. Kołobrzeg alone has a whopping eleven kilometers of beach that is up to 100 meters wide . The picture here was taken in June 2021. Does it look so empty? Yes, because it was 10 a.m. in the morning. A little later it got fuller.

Maybe my summer vacation packing list will help you when packing your bags for the beach vacation  to print out and tick off.

Main beach with beach chairs

Description: Kolberg vacation experiences with beach and beach chairsIn Kołobrzeg, the beach at the port is the easiest to get to, and the seafront promenade starts from the lighthouse .

Description: Seagulls in Kołobrzeg PolandIn the low season in autumn only seagulls and a few walkers could be seen here. In the summer, on the other hand, there was a lot more going on. Around eleven o’clock the vacationers began to move towards the beach with sun loungers and umbrellas.

Description: Kolberg Strand beach chairs at sunsetThe beach is long and wide, with fine, light-colored sand. We saw beach chairs in September 2021 from the Uzdrowiskowe Bałtyk sanatorium (Rodziewiczówny 1). We also rented a beach chair here and lazed around in it for the day – until sunset.

If you walk a little further, you will come to Beach Box Kołobrzeg ( aleja Nadmorska 5) . At the beach bar you can order cocktails and sit down in the beautifully furnished interior or outside on the deck chairs with a sea view. I asked the waiter: dogs are allowed outside.

Description: Sunset in Kołobrzeg Vacation on the Polish Baltic SeaIt is also nice to watch the sunset on the beach promenade in the evening. Before or after you can have a drink in one of the bars by the lighthouse.

A little insider tip: Endless beach at Grzybowo

Description: Beach of Grzybowo near KołobrzegOur favorite beach is at Grzybowo , the suburb is six kilometers from the center of Kołobrzeg.

Description: One of the most beautiful beaches on the Polish Baltic Sea is Grzybowo.The beach doesn’t seem to want to end. Its sand is powder-fine and very bright. The water temperature is a few degrees warmer than in Kołobrzeg itself.

Here you can sunbathe, swim or hike and bike along the forested coast.

There is parking on the street, but there is a charge for this. It’s not far from there: Just walk a little through the forest, over the dunes and then you have a fantastic view.

Two dog beaches in Kołobrzeg

Description: Dog Beaches (plaza dla psow) in Kołobrzeg Polish Baltic SeaKołobrzeg also offers dog beaches  (plaża dla psów)  , a little away from the town center in the west and east.

You can get to one of the dog  beaches by turning into the street at the Baltic Plaza Hotel (Plażowa 1). Leave the car in the free parking lot and walk through a little forest to the beach.

At the other beach in the picture you can park near the Beach Bar  at Podczele Beach . If you look towards the sea, turn right on the path for pedestrians and cyclists. Then you can soon go down the wooden stairs to the beach.

On the dog beaches, fur noses are also allowed on the beach in high season. Great that this offer is available! Unfortunately, wooden stairs lead there and in summer the beach at the Baltic is particularly popular.

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