7 benefits of Aloe Vera and Propagation Method

With few side effects and the greatest outcomes, aloe vera is utilised all over the world for its excellent natural restorative capabilities. The plant, often referred to as “potted physician,” is cactus-like and contains a transparent gel that is extensively utilised for its medicinal benefits as well as a smoothing agent for hair and a moisturiser for the skin.

The list of health advantages that Aloe Vera offers is as follows:

1) Heals wounds and soothes burns

By applying it to the skin, aloe vera can be utilised as a remedy in tropical climates. In addition to cooling burns, it is known for treating sores and repairing wounds. It helps avoid redness and has been found to be more successful for treating first- and second-degree burns than traditional lines of healing.

2) Decreases plaque on teeth

Aloe Vera removes pathogenic oral micro flora, serving the same purpose as toothpaste. Reducing the accumulation of plaque, or bacterial biofilms, on the teeth is one of the most effective approaches to prevent these disorders. Natural treatment for dental infections, pure aloe vera extract works just as well as any mouthwash made with chemicals.

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3) Soothes injuries and irritated eyes

To treat a dry or infected eye, place a spoonful of freshly cut aloe vera gel across the eyelids. It soothes the eyes and allows irritations to easily flow through. It is beneficial to use when little debris becomes lodged in the eye.

4) Manages cold and flu symptoms

Colds and flu can be effectively treated with aloe vera. In fact, a team of Texas A&M University researchers created an aloe vera nose spray by mixing flu vaccination with aloe vera powder.

5) Reduces blood sugar levels

One of the advantages of aloe vera is that it lowers blood sugar levels, which is well recognised. It helps to control blood sugar levels and improve insulin sensitivity. A few sips of aloe vera juice between meals each day aid in the liver and pancreas’ recovery.

6) Addresses genital herpes

Canker sores or mouth ulcers frequently develop inside the cheek’s walls or under the lower lip, and accidently biting them causes excruciating pain.

Such oral ulcers can heal more quickly with aloe vera, which is just as effective as corticosteroids. Additionally, it lessens the agony they cause.

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7) Enhances skin, hydrates it, and minimises wrinkles

Aloe Vera nourishes our skin by acting as a natural moisturiser and by constricting pores, which clears it and makes it less susceptible to dust. Consuming aloe gel orally boosts collagen synthesis and gradually improves skin suppleness.

Aloe plant propagation techniques

Aloe may be spread quickly. According to Wertley, “the plants do the propagation for you.” In a pot, aloe plants frequently sprout new plants. Until they are one-third to one-half the size of the mother plant, Wertley advises keeping these “pups” linked to the mother plant. Snip off the pup or pups as close to the mother plant as you can after removing the entire plant from the pot. Gangaur 2023

A pup with roots will increase your chances of success, however those without them will probably still form new ones. Place the cutting on newspaper in the shade for a day to allow it to harden off and form a callus that will protect it from infection. Then plant the pup in a new pot. By the way, you can’t propagate an aloe through leaf cuttings; how to propagate aloe is only through the baby pups.

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