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Discord IP Resolver – Find Someone’s IP Address on Discord

Want to find out your IP address on Discord? Some Discord users are looking for a Discord IP Resolver to help them find an IP address. As you know, Discord is widely used by users for personal as well as professional purposes. It is a popular chat app that is used for chatting, videos, memes, images, files, links, text, and many more things to send and receive with your friends and communities. 

However, being a huge platform, there are some features that are alien to the users, like how to spoiler tag on Discord or how to find Discord’s IP address. Well, Discord doesn’t allow anyone to track the IP address of any Discord users because of its strict privacy policies. So, how do we get the Discord IP address? There are some tools that help users pull out IP addresses from Discord.

How to Get Someone’s IP from Discord? 

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Discord IP resolver

The most common and popular way to pull out IP addresses is the Discord IP resolver. This tool is used by the scan method. To use this method, you need Discord. Here is how to get someone’s IP address on Discord and follow the given steps:

1. Open Discord on your device and go to its dashboard.

2. In the dashboard, you need to click on Settings.

3. Then you will see “Advanced” settings in the left sidebar, and click on it.

4. When you click on the “Advanced” option, a “Developer mode” option will appear on the screen. You must enable the mode that allows you to see writing bots on Discord.

5. Now, check who is using the bot application from the dashboard.

6. After that, right-click on the profile that you want to pull out the ID for and then tap on “Copy ID.”

7. Now, go to the official website of the Discord IP resolver and paste the user ID that you copied previously.

8. In the end, you will get the IP address of the user.

Discord IP Drabber

If you don’t want to use the previous method, don’t worry. Here is the second method to track someone’s IP address. Another way to pull out the IP address is with Discord IP grabber.

1. Go to the Discord developer site via the website.

2. There, you need to click on “New Application” and choose any desired name for the application.

3. Then visit OAuth2 and add a redirect URL that you want to add.

4. Finally, copy the user ID you want to resolve and paste it into the a.php file.

5. Then you have to create a new file on the same page and name it logs.txt.

6. And finally, you get the Discord IP address of the user you want.

IP logger

This is the last method that you can use to find out the IP address: GRABIFY IP LOGGER

1. First, go to the GRABIFY IP LOGGER’s official website.

2. Then you need a person’s link that leads to its page. It can be an URL or a video link, and then click on “Create URL.”

3. Then you will be asked to accept the terms and conditions of the website. click on the “I Agree & Create URL” button.

4. After that, the page will be redirected to the “Link Information,” where you can copy the new URL.

5. Now, go to the Discord user chat box and select which IP address you want to grab. Start chatting with them and send the copied URL to the user. When the user clicks on the link, the GRABIFY IP LOGGER will pull the IP address of the user and show that address on the “Link Information Page.”

There are many features that are unfamiliar to the users like how to use spoiler tags on Discord or How to find IP addresses on DIscord. You can find all answers in our article.

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