Fun Facts About Cricket

Cricket is a sport that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and is one of the most popular sports around. The game can be very exciting to watch and has a great deal of fun.

It is a team sport, which means players must work together to win the match. The main aim of the game is to score as many runs as possible.


Cricket is a sport that originated in England and is played today by millions of people all over the world. It’s a fun and exciting game that’s easy to play socially or competitively, either on the field or in the backyard.

The origins of the game are unclear, but it is believed to have originated during Saxon or Norman times in south-east England. The earliest reference to the game is found in a 1597 court case regarding a parcel of land.

During the 16th century, fun facts about cricket began to become popular in parts of England and was brought to British colonies during imperial expansion in the 17th and 18th centuries. It was then taken around the world and spread to places like India, Australia and New Zealand.


Cricket is a game that is played among two teams of 11 players each. The aim of the game is to score more runs than your opponent at the end of the match.

There are several rules that your kids must know while playing the sport of cricket. This will help them understand the game better and improve their skills.

There are two umpires on the field who make decisions and notify the scorers of their decisions. In case of a call that is too close for the on field umpires they refer it to the third umpire off the field who reviews slow motion video replays to make a decision.


Cricket is a popular sport around the world, and has become an important part of many people’s lives. Whether you’re a seasoned cricket fan or simply an avid follower, there are many interesting facts about the game that you might not have known.

For example, there’s a scoring system in cricket that can be confusing to newbies, so it helps to have a basic understanding before you start watching a game. Scoring is a complex process that involves recording the runs, wickets and extras from every delivery.

Runs can be scored when a batsman runs between the wickets, and if they run past the boundary rope without being caught by a fielder, four runs are awarded. Six runs are also awarded if a ball bounces on its way to the boundary rope and makes it over without being caught.


The process of batting involves hitting the ball with a bat to score runs and prevent the loss of one’s wicket. It is a game that lends itself well to periods of introspection, and many batsmen spend a considerable amount of time thinking about their batting technique during the course of an innings.

Typically, a batter holds their bat in a high backlift, before swinging it through for a forward drive. Occasionally, they hold it in a slight crouch to increase their strength and speed.


Bowling is a fun sport that can be played by anyone. It’s a game that dates back thousands of years and has many different variations across the globe.

The game involves bowling a ball toward the wicket, which is defended by a batsman. The goal of a bowler is to get the batsman out and prevent run scoring opportunities.

A batsman can be out through being caught, bowled, run out, stumped, or leg before wicket.

The most common way for a batsman to be dismissed is by being caught. This is when a fielder gets a hold of the bowled ball before it hits the ground and knocks over one or both bails.

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