update facebook profile picture without notifying everyone

How You Can Change your Facebook Profile Picture Without Posting 2023?

Having a Facebook account is a very amazing thing as people can use their accounts for different purposes and people also experience new things on Facebook. The application is one of the oldest social media applications that are still very famous these days and that is why with the changing times, the application has also introduced a lot of new features and modified the application a lot according to the need and want of their customers. 

Earlier when people used to change the cover picture of the profile picture of their accounts, it was shared in the form of a post too which means that every person on your friends list and people not even on the same will be notified of the same and there was nothing that users can do however, there are now options that allow people to change facebook profile picture without posting so that no one on the applications knows about the change in your account. 

We are going to tell you how you can use this new feature of Facebook to know how to change facebook profile picture without notifying everyone on the application to be discreet. 

Let’s Change the Facebook Profile Picture without telling anyone

The Facebook profile picture is set to the “Public” option which means that any time you change the profile picture of your account, everyone on the application will be notified of the same however, these days there are a lot of people who do not want to share their pictures with everyone and that is why you can use this method here to do the same. 

  1. Access your Facebook account on your device however, we recommend that you use the mobile application of Facebook when you want to follow this process. 
  2. Now, take the cursor over the current profile picture of your account where you will see the option that states ‘Update profile picture’. 
  3. Choose the same option and select a picture from your mobile gallery to it set as the Profile picture on the application. 
  4. Now, press the Upload Photo option which will upload the new image as your profile picture but, currently everyone can view your Profile picture and to know how to change profile picture on facebook without posting, you need to carefully adhere to the next steps. 
  5. You need to change this update to the Private option to restrict everyone from viewing this photo. 
  6. For this, choose the globe icon that is present with your post where you will be able to see different options. 
  7. Choose the one that says ‘Only Me’ and this will make the update that you have made regarding your profile picture private and no other person on the application can now see the post of your changed profile picture. 

Congratulations! As you have now made the update private and no one else will be able to find the said update. Also, remember that you can use the same process when you want to ensure that no one can see the cover photo on the application that you have just changed. If you have an account with too much activity, we suggest that you do not wait even a single second to make the changes as doing it quickly will be effective for your account. 

We hope that you are completely satisfied with the information that you have learnt about in the guide. We also recommend you use the website ITyug247 when you want to get more familiar with Facebook and the different new features that have been launched to make the application more interesting and fun.