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Music and Video Games, The Combination to Create A Masterpiece: The 5 Soundtracks Not To Be Missed

Let’s find out together the 5 games, which made history, with the best soundtrack ever. Between a dive into the past and a look into the future!

In recent years, the world of video games has taken on the characteristics of a real form of art. It is no longer just a way to entertain, but real entertainment, through the care of graphics, spectacular images, and music, increasingly valued and of higher quality.

The importance of music in video games

Music is essential to bring the emotions of the game to life, a bit like in the movies. The atmosphere created by the notes guides our minds to get to the heart of the game, accompanying the visual and interactive elements.

In the 32 and 64-bit era, composers took inspiration from the film industry, creating real soundtracks.

As happens in everyday life, when we watch a movie or play video games, we are inevitably influenced by what musical notes transmit to us. In a horror video game, for example, silence also plays a fundamental role in conditioning our heart rate.

More cheerful melodies can be the right background in open-world games, where mysteries are discovered. The example of ‘Pokemon’ is apt: everyone has in their ears the screeching noise that accompanies the arrival on the scene of a little monster determined to fight.

In ‘Super Mario’ the music is essentially frenetic and ends up supporting the urge to jump, which fits perfectly with the dynamics of the game.

To enjoy music in video games, not only the quality of the tracks is important, but also that of the output devices.

Undoubtedly, the speakers are important, but to go into detail on the matter, the best PC gaming headsets selected by industry experts can be evaluated with the utmost attention.

Music must be listened to and enjoyed, also because there are real soundtracks in modern titles. In the next paragraph, we will list some of them that have made great success in recent years, regardless of their genre.

5 video game soundtracks you absolutely must not miss

The best soundtracks deserve further study. A classic is ‘The Last of Us’, a perfect marriage between cinema and video games. The work of Naughty Dog was entrusted to the Argentinean Oscar and Golden Globe winner Gustavo Santaolalla, who composed the soundtrack.

Within the title, you can play and there are 30 original songs, which punctuate the narrative of the game, the adventure of Joel and Ellie – an action title seasoned with a great love story – creates a series of strong emotions.

Another title to mention is ‘Persona 4’, the most successful of the saga from a musical point of view. Shoji Meguro proves to be a sonic esthete, with songs that make a notable contribution to the game, with very recognizable soundtracks.

The soundtrack of ‘Hotline Miami’ is truly unforgettable: music in line with the action of the game, with a contribution from many specialized authors, and an electronic product of remarkable quality. The music of ‘The Witcher 3’ is truly emblematic and provides the right energy to face the monstrous creatures present in the game.

The saga of ‘Kingdom Hearts’, which will soon have a new highly anticipated sequel, offers a soundtrack produced and composed by Yoko Shimomura. Her music is suggestive and engaging, she seems to daydream between the Disney scenarios and the melancholy of Final Fantasy. There are 90 tracks on the 2 CDs.

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