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Natural Hot Springs Near Me : Breitenbush Oregon

 Visit one of these incredible hot springs near me in the US to experience this pastime.

Breitenbush  natural Hot Springs, Oregon

A few hours from Portland, Breitenbush is a remote and peaceful retreat in Mount Hood National Park. Accessible to both day visitors and overnight guests — there are cabins — the retreat features several natural stone pool areas with progressively warmer temperatures, a steam sauna fully heated with geothermal water, and a “silent” pool. This goal is retreat clothing.

Breitenbush , 53000 Breitenbush Rd SE, Detroit, OR, USA, +1.503.854.3320


Courtesy of Breitenbush

Allegheny Springs im Omni Homestead Resort, Virginia

This historic and sprawling resort is home to some of the best natural hot springs in the area. Natural springs in the Allegheny Mountains feed the Jefferson Pools at the family-friendly resort, which also features a water park,tubs, and luxurious cabanas. The mineral-rich spring-fed pool is also open in the winter.

The Omni Homestead, 1766 Homestead Dr, VA, USA, +1 540 839 1766

Courtesy of The Omni Homestead,

natural hot springs near me

Conundrum  Natural Hot Springs Near Me, Colorado

Getting to the Conundrum Hot Springs isn’t easy, as it involves a 13.7-kilometer trek, but it’s worth taking a dip at the end of the tour. The natural springs offer incredible views, warm mineral water, and an abundance of peace and tranquility. While it’s possible to do it as a day trip, it’s best to plan this as a two-day trip with overnight camping near the springs.

natural hot springs  near me

Riverbend Natural Hot Springs Near Me, New Mexico

Visit the spa town of New Mexico, Truth or Consequences, and enjoy the relaxing retreat of Riverbend Hot Springs. Along the Rio Grande River, there are communal geothermal pools as well as private soaking tubs that offer stunning views of the river and surrounding mountains. Rentals are allowed hourly, or visitors can stay overnight. To maintain the zen atmosphere and tranquility of the resort, small children are not allowed.

Riverbend , 100 Austin St, Truth or Consequences, NM, USA, +1.575.894.7625

natural hot springs  near me

Courtesy of Riverbend

Hot Springs State Park, Wyoming

Hot Springs State Park, just hours from popular Yellowstone National Park, offers hiking trails and warm spring baths in a beautiful setting. The free bathhouse has indoor and outdoor pools fed by the surrounding bathing pools, and they’re perfect for soothing your muscles after a walk in the park.

State Park, 538 N Park St, Thermopolis, WY, USA, +1 307 864 2176

Wyoming State Park | © Charles Wallgren / WikiCommons

Chena Hot Springs, Alaska

China is the Hot Springs near me approximately 60 miles (96.5 kilometers) outside of Fairbanks. The springs and scenery are the main attractions, but the added winter option of enjoying the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) in the resort’s numerous pools is a unique and breathtaking way to experience various natural phenomena. Day-trippers are welcome, and the resort offers rooms for those who want to stay.

natural hot springs  near me

Chena Resort, 56.5 Chena Rd, Fairbanks, AK, USA, +1 907 451 8104

Courtesy of Chena

Mono Hot Springs, Kalifornien

Located in the Sierra Nevada mountains of Northern California, Mono Hot Springs near me is a Resort that offers a variety of outdoor adventures for the whole family. There are several heat sources in the area (over 10), and resort-goers can spend their time hiking, swimming, and exploring the spring while taking in the beauty of the surrounding countryside.

Mono s, Mono Resort, 70000 Edison Lake Rd, Lakeshore, CA, USA, +1 559 325 1710

natural hot springs  near me

Courtesy of Mono Resort

Burgdorf Hot Spring, Idaho

Idaho is full of great hot springs and Burgdorf is one of them. It offers a couple of hot pools with a small pool for kids, and the property has rustic cabins for guests. However, you must bring your bed linen. During the spring and summer months, the resort is accessible by road, but guests must rely on snowmobiles at all other times. No matter how you get there, the opportunity to relax is worth it.

Burgdorf, 404 French Creek, McCall, ID, USA, +1 208 636 3036

Courtesy of Burgdorf Resort

Glenwood Hot Springs, Colorado

Located between Aspen and Vail, Glenwood Hot Springs claims the title of the largest resort in the world. The pools’ soothing mineral waters, sourced from nearby springs, are the main draw, but there’s also a luxe spa that offers a range of treatments. The resort is also close to downtown if you’re looking for a night out.

natural hot springs  near me

Glenwood Hot Spring Lodge, 415 6th St., Glenwood Spring, CO, USA, +1 970 945 6571

Courtesy of Glenwood

Fifth Wasser Hot Springs in Diamond Fork Canyon, Utah

Also known as Diamond Fork Hot Springs, these natural bathing pools are about four kilometers from the main launch point and feature several deep pools and a gorgeous sparkling waterfall. The hot spring look straight out of a fairy tale with bright turquoise waters, and while they have a slightly sulfurous smell, they’re perfect for a dip at the end of the hike.

Fifth Water Hot Spring, Diamond Fork Rd, Springville, UT, USA, +1.801.798.3571

natural hot springs  near me

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