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Wish Yourself a Happy New Year : New Year’s Sayings At The Turn Of The Year


Everyone can say New Year’s greetings – if you have landed on this page, you have certainly felt like hearing about very special New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Eve sayings this year. New Year is one of those special days of the year when you want to share your joy with your loved ones. Happy new year

But wishing a happy new year is already too boring for you, would you rather send a very special saying? Then you are exactly right here! Just scroll through the New Year sayings on this page and you are guaranteed to find the right saying or quote to celebrate the end of the year!

Happiness, hope and love – send New Year wishes.

Have you found a saying to wish your dearest friends hope, love, long life and all the happiness in the future for the future, even if you can’t be with them on New Year’s Eve? Send your New Year’s message easily via eCard, WhatsApp, Facebook or Twitter.

Be brave! Anyone who convinces with an unusual saying instead of just wishing them a Happy New Year is guaranteed to get extraordinary New Year’s Eve sayings back.

The very special days of the year.

Do you also have the feeling that you sometimes need special days like New Year’s Eve to realize how important your friends are around you? Are you really grateful for these very opportunities, that they are always by your side, listening to you and helping you in every possible situation.

Show your loved ones how much you love them this New Year with a one of a kind poem or saying they will never forget. You can also wish a happy new year in a creative way.

Happy New Years Resolutions

Do you have any idea why we make New Year’s resolutions every year only to end up breaking them? nope We neither. But this helps us to realize, at least at the end of the year, that we already have our true happiness in life and don’t always have to strive for “more”.

Above all, our friends, acquaintances and relatives are important, who support us and wish us all the best for the coming year with creative New Year’s Eve wishes. That’s why you should also send unusual wishes at the turn of the year.

How about, for example, a poem, quote or joke in which you take up the failed resolutions of the past years and make fun of them? You are guaranteed to find what you are looking for on this page.

Well then, Happy New Year!

  • Happy New Year
  • I wish you a healthy and prosperous new year
  • Happy New Year
  • (Happy New Year)
  • Happy new year!
  • (Best wishes for the new year!)
  • Sun, moon and stars, everything is far away, but the good thing is very close – a happy and beautiful new year!
  • You were one of the best customers we have ever had.
  • May God wash away all your worries and shower you with the best of blessings for the New Year 2023 !
  • Happy New Year!
  • happy New Year
  • Happy New Year
  • A glass of water,
    A glass of beer,
  • Good luck, health and success for the new year
  • Happiness and success in the new year!
  •  Happiness should shape the new year for us and hopefully we will remain the old ones!
  • Happy New Year
  • Every moment in a day has its own value,Morning
    brings hope Afternoon brings faith ,
    Evening brings love , Night brings rest,
    Happy New Year 2023.
  • We wish you a happy new year and look forward to seeing you again soon
  •  I send you my best wishes for a prosperous new year full of wonderful prospects. And always remember to create a door if opportunity doesn’t knock!
  • Years come and go but we will remain friends and never be enemies. 
  • On this New Year’s Eve, I want to exchange pleasantries and give you a kiss to make your day more enjoyable. However, I don’t just think of you today
  • We wish you a Safe and Happy New Year
    We hope it ended up being the best year you’ve ever had.
    We hope 2023 is wonderful for you and your family.
  • Finally the old is over, the new is coming, I’m sticking with it. I wish you a happy new year!
  • What’s gone, gone. Don’t ponder what was wrong, what was right. Just celebrate the upcoming New Year that will open new doors of happiness.
  • To achieve great things We must not only act but also dream Not only plan but also believe Best wishes for the new year 2023 Happy new year my dear
  • • With all the lights in the universe, all the lights of roses, and all the smiles of children
    Happy New Year 2023
  • The stars shine so brightly in the sky, I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
  • The year is new, the hopes new,
    the aspirations new, but my warm
    wishes for happiness and prosperity remain the
    same for you and your family. Happy New Year.
  • The whole year you are the meaning for me.
  • I’m the little New Year’s mouse, unfortunately I’m not in front of your house. That’s why I’m sending you a handful of magic stars from far away. Happy New Year 2023 !
  • I paid you into account 2023, 365 days of love, happiness and sweet dreams at the bank of the future. Happy spending and a happy new year!
  • It wobbles late through the night and the wind, a little pig that laughs and sings. It only wishes one thing, that’s clear: everything in the new year!

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