Santander for Intermediaries: Mission & Mortgages Review

Santander for Intermediaries


Santander for Intermediaries mission is to be your go-to intermediary partner by providing straightforward products that continuously provide value for both you and your clients.

They’ve been operating in the intermediate market for more than 25 years, and they want to make doing business with them simple for you. To that end, they offer • A variety of straightforward yet cutting-edge products that are excellent for both you and your customers.

• a dedicated intermediate website that provides you with access to all the resources and services you require • partners who will work with you to assist the growth of your business

They have a shared commitment to seeing your company prosper.


In Santander for Intermediaries  If there is a suitable source of cash to repay the capital at the end of the mortgage, they will accept interest-only applications.

They base affordability on 65% of secondary income.

Buy to Let – Capital Raising available for personal use up to 75% LTV Lend to the lowest of the oldest applicant’s 75th birthday or your client’s projected retirement age on C&I

Our goal at Santander for Intermediaries is to become your go-to intermediate partner by providing straightforward products that continuously provide value for both you and your clients.

We are devoted to the intermediary market and committed to make doing business with us simple for you.

• A wide selection of affordable, creative products that will help you and your customers.

Santander for Intermediaries


  • A dedicated intermediate website that gives you access to all the resources and services you require; • Individuals who will collaborate with you to support you as you advance your business.

We are devoted to working together to make your business successful.

Use Dynamo for Intermediaries as your payment method to access Santander products.

Proc Fees

Product TypeGross %Net %
Product Transfer0.20%0.19%
Buy to Let0.45%0.41%

Regarding mortgage applicants with credit card commitments, Santander has revised its policy.

The lender will not take this into account when determining a borrower’s affordability if they have paid off their credit cards in full for at least the previous six months prior to applying. The credit card will be considered fully repaid if the amount has been £0 during this time.

Brokers are not permitted to enter information about applicants who have fully paid off their credit cards in the six months prior to their application into the affordability calculator.

The adjustment will take effect on January 17.

Virgin Money 

The amended policies of Virgin Money and Clydesdale Bank permit applicants in the pipeline to switch products.

While the transaction is still in the pre-offer stage, brokers will be able to select a product from the lender’s new business lineup on behalf of their customer.

A new application must be submitted if there are any additional modifications after the first one.

As an intermediary-led lender, Virgin Money’s Richard Walker, head of intermediary sales, said: “We respect the feedback we receive from brokers and are always looking for ways to improve the service they receive from us.

In addition to providing brokers with the ability to assist consumers in switching from a Freedom to Fix Tracker on to a new fixed rate and receive a procuration charge, this most recent update gives customers additional flexibility to transfer products.

Our business development managers (BDMs) now have better access to a specialist underwriting team, who can approve an application in advance and provide more confidence for cases that are more complex. For loans over £750,000, brokers can phone a Clydesdale

Santander for Intermediaries – Remortgage your clients within 10 days

Bank underwriter directly on our big loan helpline to discuss the application.  Although the remortgage market has been expanding recently, 30% of clients are still on SVR at this time.

We have a compelling remortgage proposition at Santander for Intermediaries that includes:

• Goods are of free of costs.

• Remortgages on the first day; LTVs up to 90%

• A cushion mortgage of £750

Interest-only mortgages, a term into retirement, and a benefits package for remortgaging


More information about the possibility and our remortgage offer is provided in this sales tool for refinancing.

Our average offer time for residential properties is currently 9.8 days, and we receive a lot of positive feedback and referral business for it.

In order to discuss any remortgage clients you’re hoping to assist this week, please give your dedicated contact a call.

Santander Mortgages Review

What kind of lender is Santander?

With more than 14 million clients, Santander is one of the largest and best-known mortgage providers in the UK. The bank provided house loans totaling more than £1.75 billion last year.

Santander is a high street bank with more than 400 locations throughout the UK and 6.6 million digital customers.

Which mortgage products does Santander provide?

Santander provides mortgage deals to a variety of borrowers, such as first-time homebuyers, those moving, and those refinancing.

Most of its mortgages have fixed rates and an introductory term of two, three, or five years.

However, the lender also provides tracker mortgages, which are typically good for two years before switching to a follow-on rate.

Most of its mortgages have fixed rates and an introductory term of two, three, or five years.

However, the lender also provides tracker mortgages, which are typically good for two years before switching to a follow-on rate.

Free Mortgage Advice

The bank may be a suitable choice for first-time buyers as it provides mortgages with modest down payments. For instance, it provides mortgages with a 5% deposit that are funded by the government’s “mortgage guarantee system.Santander for Intermediaries, a specialised division, also provides buy-to-let mortgages. is an online mortgage adviser with a 5-star Trustpilot rating that can help you locate the perfect mortgage and handle all the difficult negotiations with the lender to acquire it. * If you fall behind on payments, your home can be repossessed.

According to Trussle, an online mortgage broker and our mortgage partner, it takes Santander an average of 19 days to approve a mortgage. This is five days slower than the broker’s estimate of the typical lender approval time.

However, the length of time it takes for your application to be processed will vary depending on your situation and how busy the lender is. Additionally, Covid has contributed to some delays.

What is the maximum Santander loan amount?

Santander may allow you to borrow 4.45 to 5.5 times your annual income, but this will depend on your pay. Additionally, it will depend on the loan-to-value (LTV) rate that you intend to borrow.

We’ll also consider other things including your age, credit history, debts, recurring expenses, and bills.

More specifically, here’s how it functions:

  • If all applicants’ combined income exceeds £100,000 and you have an LTV of up to 75%, you might be eligible to borrow up to 5.5 times your total earnings. If the LTV is 75% or above, the ratio falls to 4.45 times.
  • With an LTV of up to 75% and a combined salary of between £45,000 and £99,999, you might be able to borrow five times your combined income. If the LTV is 75% or above, the ratio falls to 4.45 times.
  • The most you can borrow is 4.45 times your salary if your combined income is less than £45,000.
  • Note that if you are remortgaging and don’t need a boost in capital, you might also be able to acquire an income multiple of 5.5.
  • The maximum loan amount for a Help to Buy Equity Loan is 4.5 times income.
  • Always bear in mind that if you default on your mortgage payments, your home could be repossessed.

How can I apply for a Santander mortgage?

  • Either apply straight to the bank or go through a mortgage broker are options..
  • You will first receive a “decision in principle” outlining the potential loan amount. This can be useful if you wish to remortgage to Santander or make an offer on a home.
  • After that, you can finish an entire application. If you are successful, an offer will come your way.
  • When submitting your application, you must include information such as your most recent address history, address verification, and income verification. Details on any outstanding debts, including credit card debt and loans, must also be disclosed.
  • By making sure that your application contains all the information the lender demands, a broker can help your mortgage application be approved more quickly.
  • A formal mortgage offer that has been made in writing will normally be valid for three to six months.

Will a Santander mortgage require a high credit score?

You must have a high credit rating to be accepted. Santander typically won’t lend to people who have a bad credit history.

How does Santander’s customer service stack up?

According to data source Fairer Finance, Santander receives scores of about 54% for “customer happiness” and 43% for “consumer trust.”

It receives a score of 77% for handling complaints, while its “transparency rating” is close to 57%.

It receives a 58% “customer experience rating” overall. To put this into perspective, Fairer Finance’s top-scoring lenders receive an overall score of 70%.

Do I require buildings insurance if I have a mortgage with Santander?

You must obtain insurance when taking out a Santander house loan, but the lender cannot compel you to choose one of their plans.

If you decide to acquire buildings insurance from Santander, Aviva Insurance Limited will manage and underwrite it.

However, the best course of action is to compare prices on home insurance. Get a building cover in place at the point of exchange if you are purchasing a property.

Should I apply for a Santander mortgage?

Santander is a reputable lender known for offering reasonable mortgage rates, frequently at rates below the market average, as well as potentially generous income multiples for borrowers with higher incomes.

That being said, borrowers with poor credit are unlikely to receive a mortgage from the bank.

It’s crucial to examine offers from several lenders before choosing a Santander mortgage to make sure the package is affordable and best suited to your needs.

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