The Australian Football League (AFL) is Back

Why choose kruzey afl tips. The league was renamed the Australian Football League in 1990 and now includes teams from all states and territories. It currently has 18 teams, with the majority in Victoria. A team from Tasmania will enter the competition in 2028.

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AFL Rules


AFL is a team sport, played on an oval-shaped field. The object is to score points by propelling an oval-shaped ball between tall goal posts at either end of the ground. These goal posts are flanked by two slightly shorter behind posts set at 6.4 meters from each boundary line.

Players can move the ball using their feet, handball or tackle other players. The rules of the game are designed to promote skill and speed. A game consists of four quarters, each 20 minutes of active play.

A team consists of 22 players, with 18 playing at any one time and 4 interchange players. Minor rule interpretation adjustments have been made in the AFL to reduce unnecessary game delay, such as reducing the number of time-outs for shots on goal from 2 to 25 seconds.

AFL Pre-Season Competition

With the 23-round home and away season looming, the intensity of AFL play is high. But pre-season games have less and less importance with players and coaches focusing on fitness work, skill development and honed game plans.

As for winning, the utterly sullen expressions of Grant Thomas and Lenny Hayes following St Kilda’s 2004 Wizard Cup triumph aptly illustrate that for most clubs, the NAB Challenge is merely a sheep station. Previously known as the AAMI Community Series, it is also used by clubs to flex their wings and test out new recruits in match-like conditions without risking injury.

With official pre-season competitions resigned to the history books thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, it will be just one weekend of AFL warm-up matches this year, with eight ’match simulation’ games scheduled in February and all 18 teams playing an official practice match in early March. Kayo Sports have a deal with the AFL to broadcast every simulation match and official practice game, which you can stream live here.

AFL Home-and-Away Season

The AFL home-and-away season consists of 23 rounds of regular season matches and four finals rounds. Each club plays 11 home games and 11 away games during the premiership season. A bye round is scheduled for teams during rounds 12, 13, and 14, which occurs around mid-season.

The top four teams after the home-and-away season compete in a series of elimination finals to determine the winners of the AFL premiership. The winning team receives a flag and the premiership cup. The runners-up are awarded a minor premiership.

But how can the AFL be considered a serious sporting competition when some teams have an easier run of games than others? This article looks at why the AFL has 22 matches in the normal season, and some of the implications for teams. It also examines the AFL’s season fixture system. The season fixture lists the AFL match schedule and includes a breakdown of each team’s home and away games.

AFL Premiership Season

There’s a lot to be excited about this year. Football is back and we’re about to witness the unveiling of some new talent.

Geelong are the clear favourites to win a record fifth premiership but there’s plenty of depth behind them. They are joined by Brisbane and Melbourne who have made significant upgrades and improved their odds of making the finals.

Sydney will also be one to watch this season. They were hammered in last year’s Grand Final but with a big signing in Josh Kennedy and some great draft picks, they can rebound strongly this time around. Meanwhile, Lance Franklin is on the verge of joining an elite club of players to have scored 1,000 goals and can’t be written off. He is a genuine Brownlow contender.

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