Vacation time is reading time. If you are looking for inspiration as to which book to pack in your suitcase for your next vacation, our bloggers present their best tips for holiday reading and films that will get you in the holiday spirit.

Vacation time is reading time. Finally you have enough leisure to withdraw with a thick book and immerse yourself in another world, be it in the hammock in the hotel garden or on a lounger on the beach. 

If you are looking for inspiration as to which book to pack in your suitcase – we will introduce you to what we read on vacation. For those who are still looking forward to their next vacation, we have some magazine and film recommendations that will, at the very least, satisfy their wanderlust in holiday reading and films.

Anika von Anika Landsteiner : “The Journey”

My tip: “The Journey” by Sibylle Berg. The book was recommended to me by a bookseller friend of mine and I not only think it’s perfect for the summer, because: They are very short episodes, each revolving around a person who is either far away, at home or somewhere in the middle, sometimes at an airport , looking for happiness. The further you read, the more often you bump into the person from a previous one in one story, and slowly they weave together. Sibylle Berg is incredibly funny and likes to put her finger in wounds that are already painful. If you like dark humor and tragic comedy, you shouldn’t miss this book.

Markus from DampfLog : “Sicily, Sicily – a homecoming”

A good book about the region is part of a great holiday; not a travel guide, but a piece of fiction. Shakespeare and Company is perfect. A bookshop in Paris.” and, of course, indispensable Hemingway’s “Fiesta” in Pamplona. Upton Sinclair with “oil” is also recommended for understanding California. For me, however, is unsurpassed when traveling to Sicily“Sicily, Sicily – A Homecoming” by Ralph Giordano. Born in Hamburg, the grandson of Sicilian grandparents follows in the footsteps of his family 15,000 kilometers across the island. In 2004, the over 70-year-old Giordano developed a literary-biographical travel guide through the homeland of his grandparents. The book informs and is still relevant; it reads like a family novel and can therefore be strongly recommended before, after or without a visit to Sicily.

 holiday reading and films

Sunrise in the port of Marinella, Selinunte, Sicily.

Elisa from take an adVANture : “On the Road”

My reading recommendation has to do with road trips in the broadest sense. Jack Kerouac takes us back to America in the 40’s and 50’s in his masterpiece “On The Road.” The novel tells of Kerouac’s time when he was on various trips through the States, always in conflict with the prevailing values ​​of society at the time. He describes his adventures so vividly and emotionally that you feel like you’re standing face to face with him. You forget the time while reading and find yourself in the Texas desert or in the swamps of the Mississippi.

holiday reading and films

Kerouac’s “On The Road”: The USA of the 40s and 50s.

Michael von czyslansky : “Brel – the man who was an island”

You can read music. And this book for the island is music for the island. The first German biography about the Belgian singer Jaques Brel has just been published by mare Verlag .  holiday reading and films Brel has always been a restless traveller, as a musician, as a sailor and as a pilot. France specialist Jens Rosteck traces his life in “Brel – the man who was an island”, from the shabby Belgian Schaerbeek/Scharbeek via the Olympia in Paris to emigration to the Marquesas, an archipelago in French Polynesia. Of course you can read this wonderful book on a cruise to the Marquesas. The travel time of several weeks then flies by. Or you can read the book on the plane. At the end you have your head full of music. Promised. Ne me quitte pas. Or maybe ;-).

Music to read: with Jaques Brel to the Marquesas.

Alexandra from Traveling the World : “Tianchi”

My reading tip for you: As an Asia and mountain lover with a weakness for India , I devoured it, the wonderful, autobiographical work “Tianchi – Unterwegs in China und Tibet” by the Indian author Vikram Seth. Seth takes his readers on an adventurous journey from the heavenly lake “Tianchi” in northwest China via Tibet and Nepal to his Indian homeland of Delhi. What makes his story so special is not just the fact that he hitchhiked and walked the route overland in 1981 as a young student. In addition to richly illustrated descriptions of the barren mountain world of Tibet, of deserts and high plateaus populated with yaks, of temples and desolate border towns, he draws a sensitive, surprising picture of the people and their everyday lives in Chinaand Tibet of the 1980s. A recommendation for everyone who likes Asia, adventure, road trips, landscapes and mountains and is interested in culture and politics.

In “Tianchi” Vikram Seth describes his journey from China via Tibet to India.

Films and magazines that make you want to travel

Is your holiday already over or is your next trip not in sight anytime soon? Then let yourself be inspired and carried away to distant worlds. We introduce you to two beautiful films and a magazine that are guaranteed to make you want to go on vacation and adventure.

Julia von Globusliebe : “Under the Tuscan Sun”

My favorite film of the summer is the 2003 ham “Under the Tuscan Sun”, which is about a spoiled New Yorker who dares to make a new start in Italy. The film, an American-Italian co-production, didn’t necessarily enchant me with its love story, but rather with its dreamlike settings and landscapes, which immediately trigger an Italian longing in me. Similar to Julia Roberts in “Eat Pray Love”, the leading actress gets to know and love the beauty of Tuscany in all its facets. She meets kind-hearted people, discovers her love for Italian food and learns how to really enjoy “la dolce vita”. A film that tempts you to head south.

Madlen von puriy : “The shaman and the snake”

Since my favorite region is South America, my film recommendation deals with this continent. The 2016 Oscar-nominated Colombian film The Shaman and the Serpent (El abrazo de la serpiente) takes us on the journey of two explorers to the Amazon. Both are each accompanied by the same shaman, who is the only survivor of an wiped out tribe and is supposed to guide them to the goal of their desires 30 years apart. You are looking for a rare hallucinating miracle plant hidden in the jungle. What may sound boring ends in a surreal, visually stunning world in which the viewer traces the mysteries of an almost forgotten culture and the terrible aftermath of colonization.

Maria from : “Globetrotter”

I only have a few magazine subscriptions. But I don’t want to do without one thing: the Swiss magazine “Globetrotter”. The special thing about it: The individual articles are written by travelers for travelers. The stories are so authentic and varied – pure inspiration! No “vacationers” write here, but people who really want to get to know the country and its people and immerse themselves in other worlds. From a language course in Guatemala to a long-distance hike through Alaska , everything is included. Wanderlust and ideas for the next trip guaranteed!

Do you have any reading, listening or film tips for us?

Now it’s your turn! Which book should not be missing in your holiday luggage? Which audio book do you like to listen to on the beach or make you want to go on your next trip, so that you would recommend it? Is there a film that triggers absolute wanderlust? Or a podcast that you should definitely listen to when you’re longing for a holiday? Leave a comment, we look forward to your tips!



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