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The European Union and NATO declare protection of vital infrastructure from Russian invasion

The working group will bring together experts from the European Union and NATO to study vulnerabilities in infrastructure

Develop recommendations on ways to enhance its protection

The European Union declared on Wednesday announced the formation of a “joint working group” aimed at strengthening the protection of basic infrastructure in the face of threats from Russia.

The decision comes after an attack on Nord Stream pipelines in the Baltic Sea last year, and as the two sides seek to enhance cooperation between them in the wake of the Russian invasion for of Ukraine.

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said the working group will bring together experts from the European Union and NATO to study the vulnerabilities of key infrastructure and make recommendations on ways to strengthen its protection.

“We saw the sabotage of Nord Stream, which showed the need to be prepared, and the need to confront this new type of threat,” von der Leyen said during a meeting with NATO Director General Jens Stoltenberg.

And caused the Russian invasion of Ukraine to turn the European security system upside down and launched calls for strengthening coordination between the US-led military coalition and the European bloc.

On Tuesday, the two sides signed a pledge to enhance cooperation and take their partnership to the “next level”. NATO includes 21 countries of the European Union.

They also pledged to boost support for Kyiv, which is fighting to fend off invading Russian forces.

Stoltenberg said: “In the past days, we witnessed fierce battles in the vicinity of Bakhmut and Solidar in eastern Ukraine.”

He added, “This once again shows the courage of the Ukrainian forces in their battle to defend the homeland, and also shows the importance of strengthening support.”

Four large gas leaks were detected in the Nord Stream lines off the Danish island of Bornholm at the end of September. Shortly before that, the earthquake monitoring institutes recorded two underwater explosions.

Investigations by the Danish and Swedish authorities confirmed that the leak was caused by acts of sabotage, and experts said that only a country has the means to carry out such an operation. However, the investigations did not determine who was responsible.

After the attacks on the pipelines, NATO has already beefed up its naval presence in the region.

Kabul bombing. A suicide bomber attacked the Afghan Foreign

A member of the Taliban security force stands guard on a closed road after a suicide bombing near the Afghan Foreign Ministry (AFP)

The Kabul bombing leads to more than 20 injuries

The number of people killed or injured in the blast is not specified

The Taliban insists that security has improved

A suicide bomber attacked the Afghan Foreign Ministry in Kabul Wednesday, killing at least 20 people, a driver told AFP.

“I saw between 20 and 25 victims. I do not know the number of dead or wounded,” said driver Jamshid Karimi, adding, “I saw a man blow himself up

Earlier in December, three people were killed and 18 injured in an explosion near a hotel in the Afghan capital “Kabul,” according to what was announced by the Kabul hospital that received the victims.

A spokesman for the Taliban-run Afghan administration said at least three attackers were killed by security forces on Monday after they opened fire on a Kabul hotel frequented by Chinese businessmen.

The Taliban insists that security has improved since it returned to power in August last year, but there have been many explosions and attacks for which the local branch of the Islamic State has claimed responsibility. Top of Form

Temporary suspension of all flights in the United State

American civil aircraft (Reuters)

Technical glitch disrupts flights in America

A technical failure in the Federal Aviation Administration, Wednesday, grounded all flights across the United States, and the disruption ranged from delays to cancellations.

network reportedReutersThe technical failure affected the Federal Aviation Administration system in the United States.

The FAA said it was working to fix the fault in the system, known as NOTAM, which warns pilots of potential hazards throughout the flight path.

As a result of the glitch, 1,162 flights within, heading to, or departing from the United States were delayed, according to flight-tracking website FlightAware, and another 94 flights were canceled.

The administration added that it is conducting “final verification checks and reloading the system currently,” stressing that “all operations in (US) national airspace” will be affected as a result of the malfunction.

Later, it said that some aviation services had returned to work, but the fault had not been completely fixed.

The White House said there was “no evidence” of a cyberattack

CK “at this point” in connection with the suspension of flights in the United StatesWhite House

10 ISIS militants who fled the Boko Haram attack in the Republic of Niger surrendered

Ten ISIS members who fled an attack surrendered Boko Haram In Kaiwa and Tombun Jenny, Northeast Lake Chad, to the authorities in the tumor region of the Republic of Niger.

Intelligence sources told Akhbar Al-Aan that ISIS fighters surrendered on January 10, 2022, due to fear of being wiped out from the battlefield after intense rival attacks. Boko Haram’s attack on Islamic State bases in West Africa has left dozens of fighters dead since December 31 and January 8, 2023.
The ongoing attack led by Boko Haram’s leader, Abu Omaima also known as Bakura Doro, destroyed the terrorists’ strategic bases in Tumbum-Ula and Kornawa and Kiowa, and Tombon Genie, forcing Abu Musab al-Barnawi and other leaders to flee.

The ongoing rivalry between Boko Haram and ISIS appears to be endless as many of the groups’ efforts to unite against the Nigerian Army and the Multinational Joint Task Force seem impossible.
Against this backdrop, ISIS desperately seeks the support of foreign ISIS mercenaries from Mali, Burkina Faso, and Somalia to help them defeat Boko Haram.
Al-Barnawi returned to Lake Chad on January 10 with 300 fighters to announce a significant attack against terrorist groups and Boko Haram.
While the development has positively impacted military operations, Operation Hadin Kay can take advantage of the clashes to sustain its operation and ultimately eliminate terrorist activities in the region.

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