Travel trends 2023

Travel trend 2023: Our top 11 insider travel tips

As soon as the year comes to an end, the travel trend 2023 rises again: the desire to travel. We have selected the hottest destinations for 2023 for you – some far away, others just around the corner. The best time to plan your next holiday is actually – always! Take a little time, make yourself comfortable with your favorite playlist and be inspired by our insider tips ! Here they are – our hottest travel trends for 2023.

Portugal: Alentejo – an unknown region to fall in love with

When you think of Portugal, do you think of Lisbon and the Algarve? We do too, but differently! Our tip for 2023 is located exactly between the two most popular Portugal destinations: Welcome to the Alentejo , this unique, rustic region that stretches south from Portugal’s capital Lisbon down to the Algarve and does not yet attract too many tourists.The Alentejo lies at your feet along the castle walls of Monsaraz. Photo: Sarah Waltinger – Itchy Feet

What is special about the Alentejo is its versatility: On the one hand there is the Atlantic coast, which in the north offers many almost untouched and unspoilt sandy beaches and miles of dunes. Further south you will find bizarre steep coasts and cliffs – ideal for everyone who is traveling with a camper or in a rental car: just drive off and have a day at the beach, wherever you like.

Travel trends 2023

 If you are more interested in an active holiday, you should definitely do the approximately 75-kilometer long Fischerweg between Porto Covo and Odeceixe – a great hike, always along the cliffs, not too challenging and with incomparable panoramas. You can plan this and many other hikes with a total length of 750 kilometers on the Rota Vicentina website. You can also prepare bike tours there. 

And on the other hand, the inland lures, a wide landscape that is characterized by cork oak forests and vineyards. If you want to take a look around here, then you should definitely not miss the Alentejo road trip article by our blogger Sarah! 

When to go? It’s actually always nice in the Alentejo, which is considered the hottest and driest region in Portugal. In summer you have to expect heat, if you prefer it milder, the best time to come is in spring or autumn. With an average of 8 to 14 degrees, winter is not really cold, but it can also get humid.

Thailand: A special kind of island hopping

Here is an absolute insider tip, even for anyone who has ever been to Thailand . Our idea: off to  Trat , which is around 300 kilometers east of Bangkok. For most travelers, the place is no more than a transit station, because from here you can continue to the  Koh Chang Archipelago  in the Gulf of Thailand.

You’re going to love this island paradise just a stone’s throw from the Cambodian coast! It consists of almost 50 small and larger islands, of which only four are developed for tourism: Koh Chang, Koh Mak, Koh Kood  and  Koh Wai . You only need half an hour by ferry from Trat to  Koh Chang . 

You will find really beautiful sandy beaches with everything that goes with them, especially in the south-west of the island. The hotels are good and blend in architecturally with the landscape. And if you don’t feel like chilling, then you can take a detour to one of the waterfalls, for example.

Koh Wai is much smaller and best known for the coral reef in front of the island. An absolute must for the divers and snorkelers among you. Like the other islands, Koh Mak is above all a place to relax. This is not about action and adventure, but about peace, serenity and sweet doing nothing. That’s why it doesn’t bother anyone here that there are only a few smaller hotels, a few restaurants and shops on the island!

Koh Kood  is the fourth largest island in Thailand. Nevertheless, things are rather tranquil here. Here you can also dive, snorkel and enjoy a quiet beach holiday .

When to go?  The best time to come is between December and March. Then the average temperatures are around 30 degrees and it hardly rains.

Spain: Andalusia highlights for every taste

Andalusia is our next travel highlight for 2023. Here, in the southernmost and warmest region of Europe, the sun shines 320 days a year. The best conditions for an all-round successful holiday! Chill out on one of the many wonderful beaches, hike through impressive national parks, enjoy pure culture or simply combine everything. 

A lot of culture awaits you in Andalusia, which is influenced by the Moors, for example in the capital Seville , in Granada , Málaga or Cordoba .The Metropol Parasol is one of the best viewpoints in Seville. Photo: Nina and Tom – traveloptimizer

Fancy beach life? No problem, because there are many great places and beaches on the coast where you can relax in a particularly cool way. If that is too boring for you in the long run, you can also get sporty at many spots, for example surfing. The following applies here: The further south you are, the higher the waves are. 

The beaches near Cadiz or Chiclana are therefore more suitable for beginners . In the little town of Coniz , things are rather quiet and relaxed, big, loud parties are not celebrated here, instead you sit with a drink in the evening sun and enjoy the wind that blows around your nose – life can be so beautiful!

We still have an insider tip: Cabo de Gata , a nature park and biosphere reserve south of Almeria , located directly on the sea. Here you will find completely unspoilt beaches like nowhere else on the Costa del Sol. You want more Andalusia? Then we have two articles for you: Our bloggers Nina and Tom tell you the 8 most beautiful travel destinations in Andalusia and author Anika discovered the best insider tips for Seville .

When to go? Depends on what you’re up to. Spring or autumn are best for active vacationers, when it is less hot than in summer. In addition, there are far fewer tourists in Andalusia in the off-season.

Ethiopia – on the way in the cradle of mankind

Time for something completely new: How about Ethiopia ? The starting point for your trip is the capital Addis Ababa , a pulsating metropolis where a lot is happening right now: Construction is going on everywhere, life takes place in the streets and it is correspondingly loud and bustling in the city of millions.

 Before you start a round trip through the beautiful country on the Horn of Africa, you should plan a day or two in Addis Ababa. In the many museums in the city you can find out extensive about the history, customs and traditions of Ethiopiato inform. Be sure to take a look:

A copy of the most famous skeleton in the world is on display in the “National Museum of Ethiopia” – Lucy lived a good 3.2 million years ago in what is now Ethiopia. Also worth seeing is the city’s “Merkato”, a market where things are incredibly colorful and where it smells wonderfully of incense, herbs and coffee. And otherwise? It’s difficult to choose, as there is so much to discover:

In the north, a visit to the Simien National Park with its mighty mountains is worthwhile. There are volcanoes, extensive plateaus, rainforest, mighty waterfalls and of course many wild animals to discover. Tip : Our bloggers Anne and Clemens have collected even more suggestions for Ethiopia for you!   

When to go? The dry season begins in October and lasts until May. The temperatures are then pleasant, rain hardly falls during this time.The children of Harar use the winding streets for their games. Photo: Anne and Clemens – Travelers Archive

Turkey – insider tips in the hinterland

You may be surprised when we tout Turkey as one of our insider tips for 2023. But we do. And that’s because there is much more to Turkey than just the well-known travel destinations. Come along to Cappadocia , a fairytale region in the middle of Central Anatolia. Your port of call is Göreme , from the airport in Kayseri you need an hour by taxi. 

Goreme is in the middle of an area where erosion has bizarrely deformed volcanic tuff rocks over millions of years. The rocks from this soft rock in the “Sword Valley” look like pointed cones, in some there are cave churches and cave dwellings. With a bit of luck you can even get a room in one of the really crazy cave hotels on

 Absolutely do: a balloon ride over the bizarre tuff rock formations, it costs between 175 and 250 euros per person. Most balloons take off early in the morning, but only in good weather with the best visibility. If you don’t go with us, make sure you get a good seat, for example in the rooftop bar of the Koza Cave Hotel. 

Other highlights in Cappadocia: the Imagination Valley, the Love Valley, the Red Valley and the Monks Valley with their different but always fascinating rocks. Then you should go to Uçhisar with its amazing castle carved into a rock and a phenomenal view! 25 minutes south of Goreme is Kaymakli, a town with a historic underground cave and tunnel system. 

When to go? Best in spring or autumn when the temperatures are pleasant.  


France: From Strasbourg into Alsace

France is always worth a trip! Our trend tip for 2023 takes you straight to Strasbourg , from where you can discover all of Alsace . But let’s take a look around Strasbourg first, okay? Beautifully colourful, partly crooked half-timbered houses, cobblestone streets and many bridges – in the district of La Petite France you almost feel like you’re in a fairy tale.

. Just let yourself drift, drink a coffee, enjoy a tarte flambée, just take your time to enjoy this great city to the fullest. Everywhere there are wonderful cafes, shops, boutiques, restaurants. Finally, on the Grande Île you will find the imposing Strasbourg Cathedral and the Kléberplatz, where there is always something going on. Melanie from Good Morning World tells us what else you can discover in Strasbourg . 

This region in the extreme north-east of France is perfect for a short weekend trip due to its proximity to Germany. 

Would you like to see even more Alsace? Then simply swarm from Strasbourg to the many beautiful historic villages that you will find along the Alsatian Wine Route ! No wonder, because Alsace seems like something out of a picture book: picturesque landscapes that you can explore on foot or by bike.

picturesque towns with colorful half-timbered houses, numerous cultural highlights and, above all, lots of culinary delights. Here you simply know how to enjoy yourself, here you eat wonderfully and if you like wine, you will also get your money’s worth here. Our tips are Ribeauvillé ,  Riquewihr and Eguisheim. 

When to go? In Alsace it is beautiful at any time of the year – and actually always well attended. Because this dream destination is so close to Germany, you can decide at short notice when you want to go.

Isn’t the town hall of Strasbourg absolutely beautiful?! Photo: Melanie Schillinger – Good morning world Probably the most famous former tanner’s house in Strasbourg. Photo: Melanie Schillinger – Good morning world

Sweden in summer – off to Värmland

Sometimes life is just too fast, too loud, too busy. If you know this feeling and you just long for peace, slowness and space, then maybe you should spend your next summer vacation in Sweden. Our tip for temporary dropouts is Värmland , a region east of Stockholm and stretching all the way to Norway.

 The landscape of Värmland is characterized by dense forests and thousands of lakes, including Vänern, the largest lake in Sweden. Outdoor activists get their money’s worth here, because there are, for example, many well-signposted paths for hikers and mountain bikers among you.

 With a little luck you can also watch moose or beavers, find mushrooms and berries and just enjoy. And of course there is also a lot of movement on the water in Värmland – with canoes, kayaks or SUPs, which are available from the provider Värmlands Garden , for example, you can drive through the lake landscape on your own and simply stop where it is most beautiful. 

There you can also rent mountain bikes or book fishing trips. You can even build your own raft at ecotourism operator Vildmark i Värmlandand then leisurely cruise down the river Klarälven towards Vänern. Whatever the case, here in Värmland you are guaranteed to find your way.  

More Swedes? Of course, we also have a lot of insider tips for Stockholm for you: There is art and culture here and culinary highlights here ! 

When to go? Sweden has its charms in every season, the summer months of May, June and July are of course particularly beautiful, when the days seem to be endless and the temperatures are pleasantly warm. Even in winter, Sweden can enchant you with snowy landscapes and offer the perfect backdrop for outdoor activities. However, you should keep in mind that it can be dark for up to 18 hours in the winter months.

Pura Vida in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is truly a dream destination. It’s quite slow going here, which is why the life motto of the Ticos, as the Costa Ricans call themselves, is simply pura vida : Here you can enjoy life as it is. The starting point of your trip is the capital San José , which is located almost exactly in the middle of Costa Rica in the Valle Central region.

Is therefore ideally suited as a base for your Costa Rica trip. But before you set off, it’s worth taking a look around the city: In the city’s museums you can learn a lot about the history of the country, in the streets, how things are here today. 

To the east you will find Caribbean dream beaches with palm trees and white sand, to the west wild beaches on the Pacific, to the north you will find the mountains, where rainforests and volcanoes await you.  

Our tip for the Pacific coast is the Nicoya peninsula , where it’s all about surfing, snorkeling and pure beach holidays. The most famous place for beach lovers is Santa Teresa , which is teeming with surfers, dropouts and digital nomads. And of course you can also explore the hinterland from here, for example the Cabo Blanco National Park.

It ‘s a two and a half hour drive north from San José to La Fortuna on the active Arenal Volcano – a great corner for anyone who enjoys hiking, bathing in hot springs, or doing water sports on Lake Arenal . 

On the Caribbean coast there are not only incredibly great beaches, but also national parks like the one near Cahuita , where you can experience pure wildlife – either on your own or with a guide. Tip : Our blogger Julia from Globusliebe will introduce you to the most beautiful national parks . 

You can tell from the dark smoke that the Arenal volcano is still active. Photo: Julia Lassner – Globusliebe In the colorful wooden houses you will find a variety of cozy cafes and restaurants. Photo: Julia Lassner – Globusliebe

When to go? The dry season in Costa Rica is the best travel time: Between December and April it is around 30 degrees and there is significantly less rain than usual. If you only want to go to the Caribbean coast, where it is rather humid and can also rain from time to time, then then you should come in February and March.

Brazil: On the largest river island in the world

Did you know that Brazil’s largest island is in the Amazon, more precisely in its estuary delta? No matter what your answer is: The Ilha de Marajó is our insider tip for Brazil for 2023.

Why? The island is about the size of Switzerland and is characterized above all by the fact that there is not much going on here. But that’s exactly what makes it interesting for everyone who doesn’t want a lot of hustle and bustle, but prefers peace and quiet.

A ferry takes you to the island, which is overgrown by rainforest in the west and looks more like a savannah in the east. It departs from Belem and is a good three hours on the road. You then need about an hour by car to get to the capital Soure . 

In the largest city on the island, with 25,000 inhabitants, life is very leisurely, there are only a few cars, most of the distances are covered by the residents on mopeds or water buffalos – even the police ride on the buffaloes, which were imported from Southeast Asia in the 19th century .

Cheerful and exuberant: cariocas and the samba. Photo: Tatiana Tronecker – The Happy Jetlagger. The island offers almost everything you could wish for. You can hike here, explore the area by jeep or bike, paddle boats through mangrove forests and relax on the beach.

 Around Soure for example you will find many river beaches. Praia do Pesqueiro ,  the locals’ favorite beach, gets busy, though more on the weekends.

 Or you can chill at Praia Barra Velha , which you can reach via a long footbridge through the mangrove forest. And if you still have a little time, why not drop by Rio – our blogger Tatiana has the best insider tips for the city on the Sugar Loaf for you!  

When to go? Best between July and December when it is the dry season. During the rest of the year, large parts of the island are flooded. 

Philippines: Islands, Beaches and Travel trends 2023

The Philippines consists of almost 7700 islands. Our tip for 2023 is the island of Palawan , which is located in the west of the Philippines. From Manila, you can take a domestic flight to Puerto Princesa and then continue to El Nido in northern Palawan.

The city itself doesn’t wow anyone, but it’s the gateway to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world – and that’s what you’re here for! At Napcan Beach , a real dream beach, there is always a lot going on, especially backpackers feel comfortable here, there are many small restaurants and enough accommodation under palm trees.

 If you like it quieter, it’s best to take a shuttle to Duli Beach , lie down on your towel, go swimming from time to time, that’s it. There are hardly any bars, restaurants and accommodations here. 

The small offshore islands are almost even more beautiful, which you can reach on a total of four different island hopping tours (A, B, C, D) from the main pier in El Nido. Difficult to say which tour visits the most beautiful islands, because they all look just like the many pictures you can find on the web: beaches in hidden coves, white sand, blue-green sea, palm trees, densely overgrown rocks and mountains.  

When to go? The best time to travel to the Philippines is between December and February. Then it hardly rains at temperatures between about 24 and over 30 degrees. The rainy season lasts from June to November. 

Jordan: desert, culture and the Red Sea Travel trends 2023

Jordan should also be at the top of your 2023 bucket list: the small kingdom that borders Syria, Israel and Palestine has a lot to offer. Just a small selection: Among other things, breathtaking deserts, mighty mountains and many cultural monuments await you. You can also relax at the Dead Sea or snorkel in the Red Sea.  

The starting point for your trip to Jordan is the lively capital Amman , which you can explore on foot by the way . You shouldn’t miss the citadel hill.

 From there you not only have a great view down to the city, there you can visit many ruins such as the Temple of Hercules and pay a visit to the Archaeological Museum of the city. At the foot of the hill is the Roman Theater which you should also check out.

 The best place to strengthen and refresh yourself is in the old town: either in the markets or in traditional cafés, where you must try the typical coffee with cardamom. You should also check out the desert city of Petra .Worth all the effort. 800 steps lead to the “Monastery ad Deir” with its monumental facade.

Travel trends 2023

 Photo: Eva Grossert – Hidden Gem World-famous, even before Indiana Jones came along: the view of the treasury. Photo: Eva Grossert – Hidden Gem

Petra was an important city for centuries, but then it fell into oblivion. Petra was rediscovered in 1812. A real highlight is the narrow gorge through which you enter the city: bright orange-red rocks that are truly breathtaking. Finally, in the city you will see an incredible number of impressive buildings that were carved directly into the rock. Just let yourself drift and take a look around.

 “Petra by Night” is particularly recommended : on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays various buildings are lit by candles, there is tea and you can admire everything while sitting on comfortable cushions. Would you like more Jordan? Then check out the article by our blogger Eva!A desert tour on a camel. Ecologically sensible, but your butt hurts. Photo: Eva Grossert – Hidden Gem

When to go? Jordan is at its most beautiful and greenest in April and May, when you may even experience blooming deserts. In summer it is very dry and hot, it only gets milder in October and November, while in winter it is quite cold.

Photo credit header image: Sarah from Itchyfeet travel blog

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